Association standards for high voltage connectors

High voltage connectors are currently based on industry standards; from the standards have safety, performance and other requirements standards, there are also test standards, the most mainstream design of the current connector manufacturers will basically refer to the four major European OEMs: Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche jointly developed the industry standard LV series of standards; and in North America is mainly to their own SAEuscar related standards, uscar itself does not We often use uscar2, 37 and other related standards mainly from Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, the three major OEMs joint harness connection organization EWCAP, this organization has been established in 94 years, 08 years in order to adapt to the requirements of more and more HEV, the organization updated SAE-USCAR 2, the voltage level from the original 20V to our The voltage level was raised from 20V to the 600V we see today.

For Europe, basically it was also developed by the European trio of OEMs (VW BMW Daimler), and Germany, as the big brother of automobiles, played a very important role in the development and promotion of the standard. This is basically in line with the usual style of European and American OEMs, with TE Amphenol Kostal molex delphi and others also joining these standards. For GB, we have also released our own high-voltage connector standards, but the content of the standard, many places need further improvement and upgrading, not to do more here; because high-voltage connectors are generally not possible in the form of separate products in the vehicle, are generally required to carry cable, so the standard requirements of the harness is also very important, the industry is generally referred to SAE j1742 of the industry will be more.