SS1 Series connector for Energy Storage Connector

AP SS1 series energy storage connector is used for positive and negative high voltage connection between battery packs of chemical energy storage system. AP has leading crimping technology and equipment to provide cable-integrated energy storage connectors.

SS1 series Energy storage connector features

1. The product supports crimping before threading, with high beam production efficiency.

2. The product socket is separately sealed with IP67 (optional), and the head seat can meet IP67 (optional) after being inserted separately without replacing the cable;

3. The separation state of head seat meets IPXXB.

4. It has key position error proofing and color function.

5. It can be inserted at any angle of 360 ° and can rotate 360 ° after insertion.

6. With secondary locking function.

7. Blind insertion can be realized.

Application of AP SS1 series energy storage connector

The SS1 series Energy storage connectors are widely used in energy storage cabinets, mobile energy storage vehicles, wind power stations,energy storage stations, household energy storage systems, photovoltaic power stations  and other battery pole connections.

Application of AP SS1 series energy storage connector

Specification of AP SS1 series energy storage connector

Mechanical life100 times
VibrationQC/T 1067.1-2017, V1 vibration grade
Rated current120A Max(6mm type); 200A max(8mm type) ; 400max(12mm type)
Rated voltage1000V(6mm type); 1500V(8mm type); 1500V(12mm type)
Withstand voltage4000V(8mm type ) 12mm type);3000V(6mm type)
Insulation resistance5000MΩ
Protection gradeIP67(optional)、IP69K、socket is sealed separately(optional)
Working temperature-40℃~125℃
Main materials contactCopper alloy silver plating
Salt spray gradeNeutral salt spray for 48h (unsealed type); Neutral salt spray 480h (sealed)

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