Hyperboloid Contacts

The hyperboloid contacts spring terminal is the patented product specially developed and researched by AP team to match the high current connector of the electric vehicle. It is processed according to the principle of hyperboloid, which is the technology closest to the theoretical hyperboloid. And the hyperboloid contacts structure is able to meet the market demands of multi-variety and small batches.

Features of Hyperboloid Contacts

  • Mechanical life: ≧10000 times

  • Standard hyperboloid contact,

  • Soft mating forces

  • Low contact resistance, high ampacity, low-temperature rise

  • Safe installation and connecting

  • High mechanical durability

  • Application: electric vehicle、Energy storage

Advantages of Using Hyperboloid Connectors

Hyperboloid connectors offer improved load-bearing capabilities and increased stability compared to traditional point or line contacts.

Hyperboloid connectors have improved resistance to wear and tear, making them suitable for use in high-stress applications.

The use of hyperboloid connectors can lead to improved performance and reduced maintenance costs in many applications.

Common Applications of Hyperboloid Contacts

Hyperboloid contacts are used in a variety of engineering and manufacturing applications, including aerospace, defense, telecommunications, and robotics.

They are particularly useful in applications requiring high load-bearing capabilities, stability, and resistance to wear and tear.

Hyperboloid contacts are often used in harsh environments where other contact mechanisms may fail, such as high temperatures, high pressures, and corrosive environments.

Specifications of Hyperboloid Contacts

Product CodeDimension(Ø) (mm)Rated Current (A)Contact Resistance≦(mΩ)Pulling
≤ (N)
Temperature Rise<(K)Maximum Temperature (℃)Maximum Time (H)
AP-HBS-14143000.1351. The data in the table above are able to be customized for our customers.
2. Different materials are corresponding to the different current values.
3. AP is able to provide customized solutions according to customer requirements

FAQs about Hyperboloid Contacts

How do hyperboloid contacts compare to other types of contacts?

Hyperboloid contacts offer superior reliability and electrical performance. Their multiple contact points and robust design ensure multiple points of contact, providing low and stable resistance, reducing insertion and extraction forces, and maintaining consistent performance even under vibration and shock. This makes hyperboloid contacts more durable and reliable than traditional contacts.

What is the typical delivery time for hyperboloid contacts?

Delivery times for hyperboloid contacts vary depending on the order size and other factors. Generally, standard orders can take between 2-4 weeks. Custom orders or large quantities may require additional time. It is best to contact us and confirm the delivery schedule.

What after-sales support is available for hyperboloid contacts?

After-sales support for hyperboloid contacts can include technical assistance, troubleshooting, and maintenance advice. AUPINS also provides comprehensive support services to ensure optimal performance of their products. Contact us and get customer service or technical support team for assistance.

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