CCS Combo 1 Sae J1772 DC Charging Connector

AP DC charging connector conform to SAE J1772 DC combo connector provisions and requirements. It's compatible with multi-type brand vehicles and ensure safety during charging time.

Feature of CCS Combo 1 Sae J1772 DC Charging Connector

  • Conform to requirement of SAE J1772.

  • The end of the J1772 DC terminal is designed with safety insulation to prevent direct human contact

  • The Sae J1772 CCS combo connector adopts bi-color coating technology, customized color accepted.

  • Prevent overheating safety dangers effectively, and the protection level IP55 (working condition) meeting different situation.

Specifications of CCS Combo 1 Sae J1772 DC Charging Connector

Product codeAP-SAEDC
Rated current70A,125A,150A,200A
Rated voltage600V
Insulation resistance>2000MΩ(DC1000V)
Withstand Voltage3200V
Contact resistance0.5mΩMax
Pins temperature rise:<50K

Application of CCS Combo 1 Sae J1772 DC Charging Connector

  • Versatile EV Charging: The CCS1 combo connector serves as a versatile solution for electric vehicle (EV) charging, catering to a range of EV makes and models.

  • Standardized Compatibility: This connector adheres to the SAE J1772 standards, ensuring a standardized approach to DC charging. This standardization promotes compatibility and interoperability in the EV charging ecosystem.

  • Fast and Efficient Charging: Designed for DC charging, the CCS SAE j1772 DC charging connector supports high-power charging, significantly reducing the time required to recharge electric vehicles compared to traditional charging methods.

  • Interoperable Charging Network: Its integration into charging stations contributes to the development of an interoperable charging network. This is crucial for the seamless experience of EV owners, allowing them to charge their vehicles at various locations.

  • Contribution to Electric Mobility: The SAE J1772 combo connector is a key component driving the widespread adoption of electric mobility by providing a standardized, efficient, and fast-charging solution for electric vehicles across different manufacturers.

Why Choose Sae J1772 Combo DC Charging Connector from Aupins

  • Cutting-edge Technology: Aupins' Sae J1772 combo DC charging connector integrates state-of-the-art technology for efficient and rapid charging, ensuring a seamless experience for electric vehicle owners.

  • Reliability and Durability: This type of CCS1 connector is built with high-quality materials to guarantee reliability and durability, withstanding frequent use and various environmental conditions. This robust construction contributes to a long service life.

  • After-Sale Service: Aupins is committed to providing excellent after-sale service. This includes prompt customer support, technical assistance, and warranty coverage, ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the lifespan of the charging connector.

  • User-Friendly Design: The Sae J1772 CCS DC charging connector from Aupins features a user-friendly design, making it easy to handle and connect. This design consideration enhances the overall user experience.

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