CHAdeMO Charging Plug

CHAdeMO is a brand name for fast chargers promoted as a standard by the Japan Electric Vehicle Fast Charger Association. CHAdeMO charging gun is also a charging gun that supports DC fast charging, which is mainly used in CHAdeMO standard DC charging pile, V2H, V2G and other charge-discharge integrated products

Features of Aupins CHAdeMO Charging Plug

1、Our independent research and development of CHAdeMo DC charging gun, is in accordance with IEC 62196-3:2014 standards, CE and CHAdeMo association certification, a wide cable range (6~70mm square), suitable for each current range of 30~200A use requirements.

2、The developed products, the handle design conforms to the ergonomic principle, feel comfortable, easy to plug and pull, locking bayonet anti-loose device, to ensure stable and reliable connection.

3、The built-in temperature protection function greatly reduces the working temperature of the charging gun and prevents the charging gun from burning at high temperature when the charging gun is abnormal.

4、The built-in switch and electronic lock module make the quality and performance more stable and more conducive to maintenance and replacement.


Specifications of CHAdeMO Charging Plug

Electric current

200A dc

operating temperature


Electric voltage

maximum 1000V dc



mechanical life


package size


level of protection


operating environment


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