Do you have customer service?

Yes. We have a professional Pre-sales service team and after-sales technical support. We are committed to customer-centered, and providing 24 / 7 effective response, quick response, flexibility, and reliability.

Are all EV charging plugs the same?

No. The terminals are classified the standards into GB/T, IEC, and SEA. DC and AC are divided into current, and DC charging is faster!

What is the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 EV Chargers?

The type1 meets the SAE J772 / IEC62196-2 standards, mainly for the US and Japan. The type2 supports single-phase and three-phase charging and meets the IEC62196-2 standards.

What happens next when I order a customized contact pin?

After we receive a deposit, we will arrange the sampling process. Our specialist will contact you and confirm the drawing, and arrange the production.

Is Type 2 charging AC or DC?

Type2 is AC charging connector and it conforms to IEC62196-2 standard.