Lamella Contact Pins

The contact system of lamella pins enables a reliable connection up to 120℃. The lamella contact pins are designed and made in a horn-like shape. AP team applies cutting and stamping process while making copper alloy bar into lamella structure. Its parallel structure ensure a stable low contact resistance for reliable current transmission.

Features of Lamella Contact Pins

  • Mechanical life: ≧10000 times

  • High current

  • Compact structure

  • Soft mating force

  • Low contact resistance

  • High reliability

  • Application: electric vehicle、Energy storage

Specifications of Lamella Contact Pins

Product codeMale dimension(Ø)  (mm)Rated current       (A)Contact resistance≦(mΩ)Pulling force        ≤ (N)Temperature rise<(K)Maximum temperature (℃)Maximum time(H)
MaterialBrass, Copper
Contact MaterialBeryllium bronze
Plating MaterialGold, silver

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