Electric Bike Charging Cable

The appearance of electric bike charging cable connects to the popularity of E bikes. E-bikes are the new lifestyle of travel as part of E-mobility life, and more and more people would prefer e-bikes as an alternative due to the factors of green and health issues. The charging trouble of e-bikes has always been a difficulty in mountain areas or tourist spots for users. AP E-bike charging cables are able to match most outdoor charging equipment anytime and anywhere. AP e-bike charging cables are compatible with standard charging ports all around the Europe area.

Electric Bike Charging Cable Features

  • Fast charging speed and long life

  • Safe and reliable, compatibility

  • Lightweight and user friendly

  • High mechanical durability

E-Bike Cable Application

  • E-bikes are now a popular commuter option, and the safety demand of users with charging connectors is increasing. 

  • The design of the AUPINS E bike cable is featured soft pulling force and is conveniently small. 

  • The electric bike charging cable is compatible with most electric bicycle brands. Whether you are in a hotel, mountain ranch, bar, or tourist area, you are able to take the AP electric bike charging cable for everyday use.

Electric Bike Charging Cable Specifications




Mechanical life

Protection grade

Operating temperature


24~48V DC Max

5A Max

≤10000 times


-40℃ - +85℃

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