Brass Connector Pin For IEC EV Charging Plug

Brass Connector Pin For IEC EV Charging Plug

As an professional brass electrical plug pin manufacturer, AUPINS brass connector pins for IEC conforms to global standards. Our brass electrical pins adopt brass in the main body material and uses hard sliver plating technology to maintain excellent performance of brass connector pin.

Types of Brass Contact Pin For IEC EV Charging Plug

The brass contact pin for IEC EV charging plugs come in various types, such as CCS type 2 contact Pins and AC IEC brass connector pin. Each type is designed to provide secure and efficient electrical connections, catering to the diverse needs of electric vehicle charging applications. The following products are different types of brass connector pin for sale:

CCS Type 2 Contact Pins

CCS Type 2 Contact Pins

Comply with the regulations and requirements of DC IEC standards. It owns high efficiency and reliable compatibility.
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AC IEC Brass Connector Pin

AC IEC Brass Connector Pin

Conform to the regulations and requirements of AC IEC standards. Brass connector pin is featured with high ampacity and low-temperature rise.
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Brass Contact Pins Features

Brass Contact Pin Applications

The brass contact pin, or brass electrical pin finds applications in various industries due to their excellent electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, and affordability.

  1. Electronics: Brass connector pins are widely used in electronic connectors, sockets, and switches. They provide a reliable electrical connection in devices such as computers, smartphones, TVs, and other consumer electronics.

  2. Automotive: In the automotive industry, the brass contact pin is used in connectors for wiring harnesses, sensors, switches, and other electrical components. They offer durability and resistance to vibration and harsh environmental conditions.

  3. Telecommunications: Brass contact pins are essential components in telecommunications equipment such as routers, modems, and networking devices. They ensure efficient signal transmission in cables and connectors.

  4. Medical Devices: Medical devices often utilize brass electrical pins for electrical connections in equipment like patient monitoring systems, diagnostic devices, and medical imaging machines.

  5. Industrial Equipment: Brass connector pins are found in various industrial applications, including control panels, machinery, and instrumentation. They provide a stable electrical connection in harsh environments like factories and manufacturing plants.

AUPINS: Your Trusted Brass Electrical Plug Pin Manufacturer in China

AUPINS proudly stands as your trusted brass electrical plug pin manufacturer in China, delivering unparalleled quality and reliability in the realm of electrical components.

  1. Expertise in Manufacturing: As a leading brass electrical plug pin manufacturer, AUPINS specializes in crafting premium brass connector pins. Our expertise lies in producing top-notch brass electrical plug pins that meet rigorous industry standards.

  2. Precision in Design: AUPINS takes pride in the precision of our designs. Our brass electrical plug pins are meticulously engineered to provide optimal performance, durability, and secure electrical connections.

  3. Innovation in Brass Contact Pins: A key focus area is the development of brass contact pins. AUPINS leverages innovative techniques to manufacture brass contact pins that guarantee efficient electrical conductivity, contributing to the reliability of electrical systems.

  4. Quality Assurance: At AUPINS, quality is paramount. Our brass plug pin and all these types of plug pins undergo stringent quality control measures to ensure consistency and reliability, making them ideal for diverse applications in the electrical industry.

  5. Customization Options: Recognizing the unique requirements of our clients, AUPINS offers customization options. Tailor our brass electrical pins to suit specific dimensions, features, or performance criteria, providing flexibility for various projects.

Brass Connector Pin FAQs

Why is brass used in plug pins?

Because brass has features such as good mechanical properties and good plasticity in hot (cold) states. Besides, brass is a type of valuable connector pin material. This is why brass contact pins are durable and wearproof.

What type of brass is used in plug pins?

Normally, brass type H62 is often use in brass electrical pins. H62 is one kind of copper alloy and it contains 62% bronze and adds zinc elements.

What are the advantages of Aupins brass connector pins?

  1. Flexible custom design to realizes high current and special structure for brass connector pin;

  2. High ampacity, low temperature rise. For more infromation about brass connector pins, you can find in AUPINS products brouche.

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