Charging Technology of Pins and Connectors

The technology and application of charging terminals in the charging system are constantly making progress with the explosive growth of the electric vehicles market share. Charge terminal temperature rise management system is the biggest challenge for sockets, plugs, and cables. The hyperboloid banding spring patented technology is developed especially for high-current charging connectors in electric vehicles. 

The technical features of HBS have proper pulling force, large contact surface, low contact resistance, high current-carrying capacity, and low-temperature rise. It is different from the lamella contact terminals on the market at present. It relies on the curved surface contact generated after torsion, contact surface, and performance of the torsion belt spring are between the double-sided belt spring and the ordinary crown spring. 

HBS is not simply torsion, it is formed naturally according to the principle of hyperboloid, which is the technology closest to the theoretical hyperboloid. The contact surface and length are larger and longer than the twisted hyperboloids on the market today, resulting in lower contact resistance and lower heat generation, which can better meet customer requirements.

Ev Connector Types

Electric Car Connector Types