EV Charging Technology for New Energy Industry

Advanced Equipment of Pins and Connectors

Advanced Equipment

AP spends tones spirit to develop advanced equipment and technologies to ensure products are constant high level in industry area.
Core Patent Creation of Pins and Connectors

Core Patent Creation

AP is able to create unique items that differentiate between current products in the market with its own core patent.
High Performance Material of Pins and Connectors

High Performance Material

AP's products are able to make in many kinds of high-performance materials such as brass and bronze etc.
Tailored Consulting And Development of Pins and Connectors

Tailored Consulting And Development

AP owns an independent R&D team and is able to research and develop according to customers' needs.
Final Inspection Under Real‐world Conditions of Pins and Connectors

Final Inspection Under Real‐world Conditions

AP is able to provide inspection of individual products and final inspection under real-world conditions detection capability ensures stable product capability.