Industrial Cables And Wires

Industrial Cables And Wires

Industrial cables and wires are widely used in automation and manufacturing industries. They are primarily used for power transmission, networking and communications in industrial environments. Whether the product application involves exposure to harsh environments such as high temperature, electricity, or corrosive chemicals, AP cables can provide reliability and durability.

Robotic cable

Robotic cable

Robot cables are specially developed for the high mechanical stresses in the robotics industry. Robotic cables are subjected to tensile and torsional stress as well as thousands of alternating bending cycles. With regard to performance and resistance, robot cables are tested in test systems to meet high customer requirements.
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Flexible Towline chain cable

Flexible Towline chain cable

When the equipment unit needs to move back and forth, in order to prevent the cables from being entangled, frayed, pulled and scattered, the cables are often inserted into the cable drag chain. This can not only protect the cable, but also the cable can move back and forth with the drag chain.
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AP robot cables and flexible towline chain cable have obtained all safety and production certificates in the field of cables, UL/c-UL、ROHS、CE. 

Core identification: It has more than 12 core color repeats (white, brown, green, yellow, gray, pink, blue, red, black, purple, orange, transparent),

Each number corresponds to an insulation color (can be combined and matched)

FAQ about Industrial Cables And Wires

What is the difference between robot cables and flexible towline chain cable?

Robot cable: The movement method is irregular "torsional motion", and the force method is irregular.

flexible towline chain cable:The movement mode is cyclical reciprocating movement, the force point is fixed, and the difficulty is lower than that of the robot cable.

What are the common robot cable standards?

TUV Rheinland: 2PfG 2577

UL: RP 5770

China Robot Industry Alliance: CRlA 0003-2016 "Special Cables for Industrial Robots"

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