AC Charging Connector

AC Charging Connector

AUPINS AC charging pin conforms to global standards. It is equiped with the third generation technology, ergonomic design, and excellent protection performance. Our AC charging connector is able to reach IP55 water proof level in working condition. AUPINS also provides EV charger wholesale to all customers in need. 

EV AC Charging Connector Types

The Electric Vehicle (EV) AC charging connector is available in a diverse range of types, each meticulously designed with unique specifications and compatibility requirements to suit different charging needs and EV charging connector standard. There are some types of the high-quality ac charging pin for sale in ASPINS below:

GB/T Charging Connector

GB/T Charging Connector

Comply with the regulations and requirements of GB/T 20234.2 Standard. It owns high-efficiency performance and reliable compatibility.
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IEC 62196-2 Charging Connector

IEC 62196-2 Charging Connector

Meet the demands of SAE J1772-2012, IEC 62196-2 2-l, fully satisfy the type1 customers.
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SAE J1772 Charging Connector

SAE J1772 Charging Connector

Conform to IEC 62196-2 2016 2-lle standard provisions and requirements with excellent protection performance.
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Different Standards of AC Charging Connector

SAE J1772 is the American standard type1, mainly refers to two charging voltages of 120V and 240V.

SAE J1772 is the American standard type 1.

It mainly refers to two charging voltages of 

120V and 240V.

IEC 62196 is the European standard type2, and the rated voltage is 230V and 480V.

IEC 62196 is the European standard type 2. The rated voltage of AC charging connector subject to IEC 62196 standard is 230V and 480V.

GB/T20234 is the Chinese standard, using the general 220V household voltage.

GB/T20234 is the Chinese standard. And AC charging plug subject to this standard typically uses 220V household voltage.


The Importance of AC Charging Pin for Electric Vehicle

  1. Accessibility: The AC charging pin provides a convenient and accessible means for electric vehicle owners to recharge their vehicles at home, workplaces, and public charging stations. This accessibility is essential for promoting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles by ensuring that drivers have reliable charging options available wherever they go.

  2. Cost-Effectiveness: AC charging infrastructure is generally more affordable to install compared to high-power DC fast chargers. This makes AC charging pins an economical choice for both vehicle owners and charging network operators, contributing to the expansion of charging infrastructure and reducing the overall cost of electric vehicle ownership.

  3. Compatibility: The AC charging connector is compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles, including plug-in hybrids and battery-electric vehicles. This universal compatibility ensures that EV drivers can access charging facilities regardless of their vehicle's make or model, promoting inclusivity and interoperability within the electric vehicle ecosystem.

  4. Flexibility: The AC charging plug supports various charging speeds, ranging from standard Level 1 charging (120 volts, typically used for overnight charging) to Level 2 charging (240 volts, providing faster charging rates). This flexibility allows electric vehicle owners to choose the charging speed that best suits their needs, whether they're charging at home, at work, or on the go.

  5. Grid Integration: AC charging infrastructure can be integrated with the existing electrical grid, leveraging existing infrastructure and minimizing the need for significant upgrades or modifications. This grid integration facilitates the efficient distribution of electricity for charging electric vehicles, helping to manage energy demand and grid stability.

Why Choose AUPINS AC Charging Pin

Choosing AUPINS AC charging pin from China ensures a superior charging experience characterized by reliability, durability, compatibility, safety, efficiency, and innovation, making them the preferred choice for electric vehicle charging needs.

FAQs about AC Charging Connector

What is the difference between Level 1 and Level 2 charging stations?

Level 1 will deliver just 1.4kw to the vehicle while a level 2 ranges from 6.2 to 7.6 kw, and level 2 chargers need a 208-240V, 40A.

What type charger used in Europe?

Type 2 charger is widely used in Europe.

What's the working principle of AC charging connectors?

The OBC device is taking important role while alternating AC current to DC, then suppling power to lion battery pack.

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