CCS Type 2 Contact Pins

AP IEC DC terminal developed for fast charging of CCS2 charging plug to meet IEC 62196-3 Combined Charging System standard. The silver plating terminal ensures the long-term stability and efficiency of power transmission.

Features of CCS Type 2 Contact Pins

  • Mechanical life: ≧10000 times

  • Comply with IEC62196-3 combined charging system standard

  • High ampacity and low-temperature rise 

  • High efficiency of power transmission

  • Soft mating force

CCS Type 2 Contact Pins Specification

DC IEC Terminal
ItemDimension(mm)Rated current and function
LN terminal8200A/150A/125A
PE terminal6earthing
CC terminal3signal

CCS Type 2 Pins Applications

The CCS Type 2 connector, equipped with its distinctive contact pins, serves as a cornerstone for electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, enabling diverse applications across charging scenarios. Here's how the CCS pins and Type 2 pins are employed:

  1. Charging EVs: CCS pins, integral to the Type 2 connector, are pivotal in transferring power from charging stations to electric vehicles. Their design ensures efficient power transmission while maintaining safety standards.

  2. AC Charging: Type 2 pins facilitate AC charging, allowing EV owners to conveniently recharge their vehicles from standard AC power outlets or dedicated charging stations. The CCS pins handle the transfer of alternating current to the vehicle's battery system.

  3. DC Fast Charging: In scenarios necessitating rapid charging, Type 2 pins support DC fast charging, empowering EVs to swiftly replenish their battery reserves from compatible charging stations. CCS pins manage the high-current DC power delivery required for expedited charging sessions.

  4. Bidirectional Charging: Advanced CCS Type 2 connectors, driven by Type 2 pins, facilitate bidirectional charging capabilities. This means electric vehicles can not only draw power from the grid but also contribute energy back, enabling applications such as vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and vehicle-to-home (V2H).

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