CCS2 Vehicle Charging Socket

The SCZ series CCS2 socket can be installed on electric vehicles. The socket meets IEC 62196.3-2022 and RoHS requirements. On the appearance of the CCS 2 socket, the tail cover adopts a high-voltage warning color, which is convenient for operators to identify and improves safety.

Features of the SCZ Series CCS2 Socket for Vehicle Charging 

1. The CCS2 socket meets IEC 62196.3-2014

2. Meet TUV/CE certification requirements

3. Anti-straight-insert dust cover

4. 10000 times of pulling force and stable temperature rise.

5. Integrated plastic shell, small gap between inserting plug and high reliability of locking charger

6. Dust cover of the CCS type 2 plug socket combines hardness and toughness

7. The CCS 2 socket has higher charging efficiency

Highlights of CCS2 Socket for Vehicle Charging 

  •  Dual Charging Capability

The CCS2 (Combined Charging System Type 2) vehicle charging socket supports both AC and DC charging through a single interface. This versatility allows for seamless Level 2 AC charging and high-speed DC fast charging, providing flexibility and convenience for EV owners.

  • High Charging Speeds

The CCS2 socket supports high charging speeds, with DC fast charging capabilities reaching up to 350 kW. This enables rapid recharging of electric vehicles, significantly reducing downtime and enhancing the practicality of EVs for long-distance travel.

  • Universal Compatibility

The CCS2 socket is designed to be compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles and charging stations, particularly in Europe. This standardization ensures broad accessibility and ease of use, making it a preferred choice for manufacturers and charging infrastructure providers.

  • Enhanced Safety Features

The CCS 2 socket incorporates multiple safety features, including temperature monitoring, interlock mechanisms to prevent accidental disconnection, and robust communication protocols between the vehicle and charger. These features ensure safe and reliable charging operations under various conditions.

  • Robust Design

Engineered for durability, the type 2 ccs socket is built to withstand frequent usage and harsh environmental conditions. Its robust construction ensures longevity and reliable performance, making it suitable for both residential and commercial charging applications.

Application of CCS2 Vehicle Charging Socket

The CCS2 socket is installed on electric vehicles for charging and by cooperating with the CCS2 Charger, the DC charging function can be realized.

Application of CCS2 Vehicle Charging Socket

Specifications of CCS2 Vehicle Charging Socket

Rated currentDC + / DC -: 200A, suit with 70mm2 conductors; 250A suit with 95mm2 conductor
PE: suitable for 25mm2 conductors
CP / PP: 2A, suitable for 0.75mm2 conductor
Rated voltageDC + \ DC - \ PE hole position 1000V, other 30V
Withstand voltage3000V AC / 1min (DC+\DC-\PE)
Insulation resistanceinsulation resistance ≥ 100m Ω 1000V DC (DC + / DC - / PE)
- 30 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Degree of
IP55(When not mated)   IP44(After mated)
Mechanical life10000 times
Surface treatmentsilver plating

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