Elevator & Conveyor Cable

Elevator & Conveyor Cable

The elevator cable adopts a special structural design and has a long service life. When used in long-distance suspension applications, it can provide overall electrical control under the condition of long suspension length. It can keep the power supply and signal unobstructed during work, with shielding and anti-interference capabilities, monitoring and serial communication functions. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of bending resistance and high flame retardancy. The material meets RoHS environmental protection.

Low-speed Elevator Cable

Low-speed Elevator Cable

Running speed ≦ 4m/s, running height ≦ 80m, and passed 3 million times of bending tests. It can still remain soft at a low temperature of -15°C. Applicable standards GBT 5023.6, IEC 60227-6.
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Middle And High Speed Elevator Cable

Middle And High Speed Elevator Cable

Running speed≦6m/s, running height≦200m. Passed 3 million flex tests. The long-term allowable operating temperature of the cable conductor does not exceed 70°C, Application standards GBT5023.6, IEC60227-6, IEC61024-2, etc.
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High Speed Elevator Cable

High Speed Elevator Cable

Running speed≦10m/s, running height≦300m. Passed 3 million flex tests. Applied standard GBT5023.6, IEC60277-6 and EN50214.
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Features of Elevator & Conveyor Cable 

1. Excellent flex resistance

2. Good oil resistance, cold resistance, moisture resistance

3. Excellent wear resistance, withstand greater mechanical stress

4. Excellent anti-electromagnetic interference capability

5. Select high-performance raw materials, such as high-strength and high-toughness ETF materials, insulating materials, etc.;

6. Each batch of raw materials has been strictly inspected to ensure the stability of the cable products;

7. All data on product performance and service life are verified by experimental tests.

FAQs about Elevator & Conveyor Cable

What are the specifications of the elevator cables?

The so-called elevator cable is also the cable accompanying the elevator. In terms of shape, there are two types, one is round and the other is flat. The product models used are tvv, tvb, tvbp, tvbg and tvvbpg.

What does the model letter of the elevator cable mean?

"t" means the cable used for the elevator, "v "means polyvinyl chloride, "b" means a flat cable, "p" means the shielding structure, if with "g", it means that the steel wire of this product is reinforced.

What kind of cable specification are used for outdoor elevators on construction sites?

The type of construction elevator cable is generally determined according to the power of the load. Generally, the power of the outdoor elevator is about 15kw, and the general cable line is about 6-10 square meters.

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