DC GB/T Charging Connector

GB/T Charging Connector is widely used in the DC charging system of electric vehicles and conforms to GB/T 20234.2 standard. It is compatible with multi-type brand vehicles, which is able to ensure safe and continuous charging, and real-time monitoring of temperature control.

What Is DC GB/T Charging Connector

  1. The DC GB/T charging connector, also known as the GB/T plug, is a crucial component in electric vehicle (EV) charging systems, adhering to the GB/T charging standard. Specifically, it's designed for direct current (DC) charging and follows the specifications outlined in the GB/T DC charger standard.

  2. This connector comprises both a plug and a socket, facilitating the connection between the EV and the charging station. The GB/T plug is inserted into the vehicle's charging port, while the corresponding socket is connected to the charging infrastructure.

  3. Key benefits of the GB/T DC charger include its ability to handle high-voltage DC power efficiently and safely, essential for rapid charging of EV batteries. Moreover, it supports bidirectional power flow and communication, enabling functionalities like vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) power transfer.

DC GB/T Charging Connector Features

  • AUPINS GB/T plug conforms to GB/T 20234.2 standard.

  • The bottom of the GB/T charging connector is designed with safety insulation to protect direct human contact.

  • Our GB/T DC charging connector applies double color coating technology. GB/T DC charger customization is accepted.

  • Prevent overheating safety hazards effectively, and the protection level IP55 (working condition) meeting different situation.

DC GB/T Connector Details

The DC GB/T plug connector is an essential component in electrical systems and devices, offering a standardized and reliable means of connecting power sources to equipment. Here are the DC GB/T connector details and specifications:

Product codeAP-GBTDC
Rated current80A, 125A, 200A, 250A
Rated voltage750V, 1000V
Insulation resistance>2000MΩ
Withstand Voltage4500V
Contact resistance0.5mΩ Max
Pins temperature rise:<50K

DC GB/T Plug Connector FAQs

How long does it take to charge an electric vehicle with a DC GB/T connector?

Generally, DC fast chargers equipped with GB/T connectors can deliver high power levels to recharge EV batteries rapidly. On average, EVs can achieve around 80% battery capacity in approximately 30 minutes to an hour using a GB/T DC charger. However, actual charging times may vary based on the specific EV model, battery size, and charging station capabilities.

What are the advantages in materials of GB/T DC charger?

The DC GB/T DC plug boasts materials selected for durability, heat resistance, and efficient electrical conductivity. These chargers incorporate components designed to withstand high power levels, dissipate heat effectively, and ensure safe operation. Materials with excellent insulation and corrosion-resistant properties are utilized to enhance safety and longevity, while lightweight materials of the GB/T charger may also be employed to improve portability without compromising performance.

Is the GB/T plug connector compatible with all electric vehicles?

While the GB/T plug connector is widely adopted, its compatibility with specific electric vehicles depends on whether those vehicles are designed to accept GB/T charging. Some EV manufacturers may use different charging standards or connectors.

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