DC GB/T Charging Connector

GB/T Charging Connector is widely used in the DC charging system of electric vehicles and conforms to GB/T 20234.2 standard. It is compatible with multi-type brand vehicles, which is able to ensure safe and continuous charging, and real-time monitoring of temperature control.

DC GB/T Charging Connector Features

  • AUPINS GB/T plug conforms to GB/T 20234.2 standard.

  • The bottom of the GB/T charging connector is designed with safety insulation to protect direct human contact.

  • Our GB/T charging connector applies double color coating technology. GB/T DC charger customization is accepted.

  • Prevent overheating safety hazards effectively, and the protection level IP55 (working condition) meeting different situation.

DC GB/T Plug Connector Specifications

Product codeAP-GBTDC
Rated current80A, 125A, 200A, 250A
Rated voltage750V, 1000V
Insulation resistance>2000MΩ
Withstand Voltage4500V
Contact resistance0.5mΩ Max
Pins temperature rise:<50K

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