Aupins New Energy Connectors and Pins for Sale

Aupins New Energy Connectors and Pins for Sale

AUPINS is a special manufacturer and exporter of EV pins, cable wire harness connectors, energy storage connectors. All of these products have been used in the field of electric, EV charging, energy storage, and products exported worldwide for home and industrial use.

Different Types of New Energy Connectors

Automotive Hard Silver Plating

AP HBS terminals have soft insertion force, large contact surface, low contact resistance, large ampacity, and low-temperature rise. We are aimed to provide customers with superior quality products.
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Energy Storage Connector

AP energy storage connectors have low electrical resistance and high voltage durability, providing customers with safe and efficient products.
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EV Charging Connector

Charging plug design refers to ergonomics and aesthetics and other factors. We are committed to creating excellent products for customers.
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Electric Bike Charging Cable

Electric Bike Charging Cable

For the target of low-carbon environment, AP supply safety and low-current charging connectors for customers.
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Advantages of Aupins New Energy Connectors

Our research and development teams are continuously improving our existing products and bringing new innovations to the market to meet the growing demands of our clients.

Quick Response

Our service team provides 8 hours of quick response and 7days of working periods. No worries about after-sale problems.


We have a development team to help clients who need special specifications and materials.

0.3% Failure Rate

All data are collected and recorded in the ERP system, and the detection methods are human inspection, machine inspection, and professional organization inspection.


Aupins New Energy Connectors Document Download

Aupins New Energy Connectors  Document Download
Document Download

Get AP pins and connectors information anytime, and the information will be able to give you a deeper understanding of AP products. Download the AP product catalog to your device. Even you are able to access AP products anytime when you are offline.

AUPINS provides high performance Automotive Hard Silver Plating and Connectors for You.
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AUPINS TECHNOLOGY is an independent innovative enterprise specializing in the development and production of electric connector products.