Design and Use Selection of Wire Harness Connector

Harness connector plugs are used to connect electromechanical components of electrical circuits. The AP team is able to produce connector plugs with high working voltage, high protection, and low temperature rise. AP wire harness connector products are highly recognized by users and can work stably in high temperature, high vibration, limited space and extremely harsh environments.

Ⅰ. How to use the wire harness connector?

There are many types of new energy harness connectors, and the uses of connectors are also diverse. Take the wiring harness in an electric vehicle as an example. Wire harness connectors are an important part of a car.

In order to prevent the connectors from being disengaged while the car is running, all connectors are equipped with locking devices. To remove a connector, first unlock the device, then pull the connector apart. Do not pull the wire harness forcibly when it is not unlocked, otherwise the buckle device or the connecting wire harness will be damaged.

Ⅱ. Wire harness connector design

In fact, the wiring harness connector design is a connection method to ensure that all electrical equipment can be properly connected to the power supply, so that each electrical equipment can work properly. AP Team's wire harness connector design features:

1. High compactness. The technology has undergone long-term graduate research to ensure long-term excellent performance and reliability.

2. Flexible. In addition to their highly compact design features, the connectors must be designed to be extremely flexible.

3. Heat dissipation. The design of the connector directly affects the airflow inside the power supply, which affects heat dissipation.

In short, in the field of clean energy, wiring harness connectors are commonly used basic components in the new energy industry.

Ⅲ. Wire harness connector selection

1. In the actual selection process, we should consider the electrical, mechanical, and environmental performance of the connector.

2. The basic requirements are mainly to meet the transmission of electric power and electrical signals.

3. Combined with the characteristics, performance and application fields of the equipment, the most suitable connector can be selected to achieve the ideal line connection effect.

AP wiring harness customized products have simple structure, excellent performance, high flame retardant grade, wear resistance, can work stably in extreme environments; and meet environmental protection requirements.