What problems should be paid attention to when selecting terminals?

1. Current requirements

The current requirement can be said to be an important aspect to be considered for the terminal, because the passage of current exceeding the rated requirement will cause the terminal to heat up, and the overheating temperature may damage the terminal. Therefore, when selecting a terminal block, it is necessary to ensure that the selected terminal block has higher current handling requirements. If the application requires an expected rated current of 2A, it is sufficient to select a terminal with a rated current of 3A.

2. Voltage requirements

Voltage requirements are also a consideration for terminal blocks as voltage can cause dielectric breakdown issues such that too high a voltage on a terminal may cause current leakage between adjacent terminals. While high voltage requirements are often rare in designs, which is why voltage considerations are often ignored for voltages below 100V, it is very important to check the voltage parameters before selecting terminals.


3. Environmental performance requirements

When selecting terminal blocks for connectors, environmental factors are an important issue to consider, because environmental factors such as high temperature and vibration will affect the performance of terminal blocks, so it is necessary to ensure that terminal blocks have high mechanical strength and good environmental performance.

Well, the above is about the terminal manufacturers and some experience sharing that need to be paid attention to when choosing terminals. When you choose a terminal manufacturer, you can first make a targeted selection based on your own business and product characteristics and clarify your requirements.