The Development Trend of the New Energy Vehicle Market of High Current Connectors

As we all know, with the continuous development of electronic technology in recent years, the application of high-current connectors in the microelectronics, automobile industry and medical aerospace industry has become more and more attractive, the components are getting smaller and smaller, the circuit density is getting higher and higher, and the transmission speed is getting higher and higher. Faster and faster, connectors are developing in the direction of high density, miniaturization, high speed, combination, and high energy, which will become a new growth point for the connector industry.

In the automotive market, new energy vehicles can be said to be very popular. In order to gain something in the field of new energy vehicles, in addition to making breakthroughs in key technologies such as batteries, motors, and electronic controls, core electronic components including automotive connectors must make a difference.

Below we will introduce three major trends in the development of the high-current connector industry: one is environmental protection, the other is safety, and the third is connectivity.

1. Environmental protection of high-current connectors

Due to the existence of high-voltage systems in new energy vehicles, the requirements for connectors are also "seeking common ground while reserving differences" with traditional vehicles. Since new energy vehicles are "green" vehicles, connectors are also required to be green.

In terms of safety, since the new energy vehicle connector can withstand a maximum current of 250A and a voltage of 600V, the need for high-standard anti-electric shock protection is obvious. At the same time at such high power, electromagnetic interference is another important issue.

In addition, the plug-in operation of high-current connectors will generate arcs, which will seriously harm electrical connections and electronic equipment, and may cause car burns, which require special design and development of connectors.

2. Safety of high-current connectors

The new energy vehicle connector must meet its high performance requirements mainly by strict design specifications. For example, in the case of exposure, it is necessary to prevent the high voltage from breaking down the air, which requires a certain air gap; in the case of high voltage and high current, its The temperature rise cannot exceed the rated value; weight, strength and ease of processing should be considered when selecting the housing material, and how to maintain the stability of the material properties of the connector terminals at different temperatures, how to ensure the necessary conductivity, etc. need to be considered.

3. Connectivity of high current connectors

Due to the continuous expansion of car entertainment systems, the importance of high-speed data transmission capabilities has become increasingly prominent. For example, in some models, a camera is installed on the reversing mirror, which allows the driver to have a wider field of vision, which requires the connector to transmit more data.

Sometimes a connector is needed to solve the problem of transmitting GPS signals and broadcast signals at the same time, which requires improving its data transmission capacity. At the same time, high-current connectors also need to withstand high temperatures, because the car engine is usually placed in front of the car, although there is a firewall for protection, some heat will be conducted, so the connector must be able to withstand high temperatures.

New energy vehicles are green and environmentally friendly vehicles, so connectors in components are also required to be green and environmentally friendly. Whether it is the production of components or the actual application, the use of green materials, avoiding pollution, and reducing energy consumption have become factors that connector manufacturers must consider, and these green features will also become the market advantages of products. As an important representative of new energy vehicles, connectors in new energy vehicles have naturally undergone tremendous changes with the rise of new energy vehicles.