Energy Storage Connector Concept, Structure, Keying and Polarization

An energy storage connector completes a circuit by connecting an electrical component to its power source. For consumer electronics, a connector usually refers to the connection where the product "plugs" into the battery, or more commonly, the power supply in the wall. Some types of electrical connectors carry both power and data, but energy storage connectors have a more specialized purpose: They allow electronic devices to function.

The basic concept of energy Storage connector

The various energy storage connectors on the market reflect their many differences in structure, orientation, and purpose. Some connectors are resistant to physical damage from water, shock, or vibration; some can only tolerate a limited number of connections and disconnects before they may fail. We distinguish energy storage connectors by the following types: 1. Connection duration (temporary or permanent); 2. Location of the conductive interface (male or female); 3. Current type (alternate or direct); 4. Assembly and disassembly method.

Energy storage connector structure

For the energy storage connector to perform its function correctly, it must have the correct connector pin. A connector pin is the arrangement of connections that each connector can make within a circuit. Each wire is connected to corresponding contact pins or plug pins in the connection part. Since wires can have different uses and properties, it is essential that the connector and the entire circuit function, with each pin, be matched to the correct contact. Connector manufacturers use several different methods to make these wire connections, such as 1. Soldering. 2. Pierce or move insulation around the contacts. 3. Winding. The selection of the appropriate connection method depends on the termination of the connector. The terminal exposed pins are just enough to complete a circuit, but not enough to create a dangerous connection, prone to damage from normal use, or possibly accidentally disconnected.

Energy storage connector keying and polarization

Incorrectly connected pins can damage electrical components. To prevent connection errors, some connectors have special mechanical adjustments that only allow the connector to connect to the correct match, angle, and orientation of the pinout. These connectors are called "keyed" or "polarized" connectors.