How can the energy storage connector market sustain healthy development?

1、Cost-reducing solutions for energy storage connectors

With the increasing market size of energy storage connectors, the cost problem has become a big problem for connector compaines. In recent years, the cost of electrochemical energy storage batteries has gradually declined, making cost control of installed capacity particularly important. As a key component of installation connection, the cost of energy storage connectors has become the main consideration when choosing products.

For energy storage connector companies, it is a major challenge to reduce product costs while meeting future energy storage development.

Energy storage connectors have two relatively common connection methods: fixed screw connection and quick plug-in connection. As an economical connector design, the former one has lower costs and can meet some customers' requirements for cost-effectiveness, but the safety and convenience are relatively poor.

In contrast, the safety and reliability advantages of quick plug-in connections are obvious, but they are relatively expensive.

Beacuse of the simple structure of energy storage connector, many connector companies have the technology to create such products. Therefore, whether there is a cost advantage is particularly important under the premise of consistent quality. For a product, the simpler the design, the lower the cost, and the higher the level it reflects. In addition, improving production efficiency is also a measure to reduce costs.

In order to ease the cost pressure, under the premise of ensuring the quality of connectors, we first start from the source of product design, improve the structure, design the plug of the energy storage connector into an assembled structure, reduce the precision requirements of tooling and equipment in the manufacturing process.

Secondly, we minimize the number of key dimensions of related parts as much as possible, reducing the difficulty of precision machining of metal parts, and produce key parts of connectors by ourselves. For example, Aupins designed and produced core terminasl of connectors independently , which not only reduces the cost of raw materials but also ensures product quality from the source.

2. Ensuring product quality in the energy storage connector market

High-quality energy storage connectors should mainly have three characteristics: safety, reliability and consistency.

Safety is the primary criteria for the quality of key components. Regardless of how the industry develops, safety should be the foundation. Otherwise, no matter how big the industry is, it will face risks.

Secondly, the reliability of energy storage connectors is particularly important. The life of energy storage systems is about 15 years. As a key component of the entire system, the life of energy storage connectors is related to whether the entire energy storage system can ensure safe and effective operation for 15 years.

There are a large number of energy storage batteries in the energy storage device, and the batteries are connected in series and parallel through energy storage connectors to form high-voltage and high-current output or storage.

As a key component of transmission, energy storage connectors are used in large quantities, so how to ensure consistency of hundreds and thousands of energy storage connectors has become a major consideration for connector companies.