What are the Development Trends of Energy Storage Connectors?

As an indispensable component in the energy storage industry, the energy storage connector's market capacity and product demand also increase with the development of the energy storage industry, especially in the field of new energy vehicles. So, how can energy storage connectors develop healthily under this trend?

1. The demand for energy storage of new energy vehicles is gradually increasing

As the core technology of power batteries, the good situation of new energy vehicles has greatly promoted the development of the energy storage industry. The rapid growth in sales of new energy vehicles has led to a gradual increase in the penetration rate of the domestic new energy vehicle market. As far as the current development situation is concerned, my country is expected to achieve the medium and long-term development planning target of 20% of the new energy vehicle market penetration rate as soon as possible, and high-efficiency energy storage batteries will also gradually replace the internal combustion engine.

2. How can the energy storage connector market continue to develop healthily?

① A clear cost reduction plan

The market volume of energy storage connectors is gradually increasing, and the cost problem has become a major problem for connector companies. In recent years, the cost of electrochemical energy storage batteries has gradually decreased, so the cost control of installed capacity has become particularly important. As a key component of installed connection, the cost of energy storage connectors has become the main consideration when selecting products. How to reduce product costs and meet future energy storage development is a big challenge for energy storage connector companies.

Energy storage connectors have two relatively common connection methods - fixed screw connection and push-in connection. As an economical connector design, the fixed bolt connection cost is low, which can meet the cost-effective requirements of some customers, but the safety and convenience are relatively poor. In contrast, the quick-plug connection has obvious advantages in safety and reliability, but the cost is relatively high.

② Ensure product quality

High-quality energy storage connectors should mainly have the characteristics of safety, reliability, and consistency.

Safety is the primary criterion for the quality of key components. No matter how the industry develops, it must be based on safety, otherwise, even the largest industry will encounter risks. Secondly, the reliability of the energy storage connector is also particularly important. The life of the energy storage system is about 15 years. The energy storage connector is a key component in the entire system. Its life span is related to whether the entire energy storage system can be guaranteed to be safe for 15 years of effective operation.

There are a large number of energy storage batteries in the energy storage device, and the energy storage batteries are connected in series and parallel through the energy storage connectors to form high voltage and high current output or storage. As a key component of transmission, energy storage connectors are used in thousands. How to ensure the consistency of thousands of energy storage connectors has also become a major consideration for connector companies.