The Main Reason for the Terminal Withdrawal Phenomenon of the Wire Harness Connector

Terminal withdrawal is a very common failure mode of wire harness connectors. This phenomenon will cause the loss of connector functions. Its quality will directly affect the transmission effect of power or signals. Once a quality problem occurs, it will often have serious consequences, and the cost of rework in the later period has increased significantly, so this phenomenon deserves our attention.

The reasons for the withdrawal of the terminal of the harness connector generally include the following three aspects:

1. The terminal holding force of the harness connector is unqualified

Usually the holding force of the terminal in the sheath is unacceptable, which is due to the design reason of the harness connector, the reason of manufacture and the reason of the material used. For standard-qualified connectors, the plug-in retention force of connectors with a specification spacing less than 2.8 must be greater than 40N; the retention force of connectors greater than 2.8 must be greater than 60N.

2. The interference of the harness connector:

It means that during the mating process of the male end and the female end of the harness connector, since the male end is self-inserted into the non-effective area of the female terminal, the terminal is withdrawn and the function is lost. Generally, it is caused by problems in the design and manufacturing process. It may be a problem in the structural design, or a problem in the insertion and withdrawal force of the terminal.

3. Product application problems of wire harness connectors:

The above two problems are caused by the quality of the wire harness connector itself, and the phenomenon of terminal withdrawal is caused by the wire harness during the production process, generally including terminal crimping problems and terminal assembly problems.

If excessive bending is caused by improper crimping, the center line of the junction area of the terminal and the crimping area will not be parallel. The degree of excessive bending will easily increase the insertion force and affect the assembly performance; in severe cases, the male terminal cannot be inserted into the effective area of the female terminal during the mating process.

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