Talk About Electric Vehicle Charging System

Electric vehicle charging has always been a recognized problem. Today, AUPINS will introduce the electric vehicle charging system to give you a general understanding.

Ⅰ. The current main charging technical solutions of the electric vehicle charging system:

1. Contact type: single-phase AC, three-phase AC, DC.

2. Non-contact: wireless charging.

Ⅱ. The industry development trend of electric vehicle charging system charging technology:

1. The development of single-phase charging technology to three-phase charging technology;

2. The development of one-way charging technology to two-way charging and discharging technology;

3. The charging method has developed from manual to automatic without anyone;

4. The expansion functions and value-added services of the charging system are constantly enriched.

Ⅲ. On-board charger (OBC) technology of electric vehicle charging system

The main function of the on-board charger is to convert AC220V mains power into high-voltage direct current (such as DC400V) to charge the power battery to ensure the normal driving of the vehicle. The device is an AC/DC power conversion device.

The on-board charger is paired with the market pile for communication, and the communication and power adjustment are completed according to the requirements of the national standard.

Existing charger development circuit topology:

1. Non-isolated

Advantages: The circuit control is simple, and the circuit structure can be shared with the motor controller;

Cons: Relatively low security.

2. Isolation type

Advantages: high isolation security. LLC has higher efficiency and better electromagnetic compatibility than phase-shifted full bridge;

Disadvantages: There are many components and the control algorithm is complicated.

Ⅳ. The future charging technology of electric vehicle charging system

Intelligent charging system: Based on the user's charging experience as the design origin, it combines cutting-edge technologies such as vehicle assisted driving technology, wireless energy transmission technology, Internet technology, and artificial intelligence technology with the charging system.

1. Provide charging support in any location, in any power supply state, and in any usage scenario;

2. Compatible with instant, appointment and adaptive vehicle charging methods.

With the vigorous development of the new energy vehicle industry, various car companies are making efforts in the field of electric vehicle charging. We believe that the problem of difficult charging will be solved soon, or it will be more convenient than refueling gasoline vehicles.

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