storage and charging technology

The green low-carbon market has become the focus of global attention, and the era of global decarbonization competition has officially opened, carbon neutral will lead the global economic and social transformation, industry, energy, technology and other fields will undergo radical changes, with the continuous acceleration of photovoltaic, energy storage, new energy vehicles and charging infrastructure construction, "photovoltaic + energy storage + charging" The following is a brief list of the development status of foreign light storage and charging

In Australia, where the cost of electricity is relatively high, a photovoltaic storage system consisting of a 5 kW photovoltaic storage unit and a 9.6 kWh battery can be used day and night to ensure a 24-hour clean energy supply to the home. In addition, in the event of an extreme weather outage, off-grid operation can be used for emergency power supply.


In the UK, the integrated optical storage and charging project, the system is equipped with a 1.75 MW PV system, a 5 MW/5 MWh energy storage system and 7 kW ~ 350 kW charging piles, which can meet the on-site charging of 36 electric vehicles at the same time through the combined power of PV and energy storage.

In Japan, the application of light and storage integration is increasing, and has been built by 49.5 kW photovoltaic system and 50 kW / 159 kWh energy storage system, can effectively respond to earthquakes, typhoons and other natural disasters brought about by power outages, to ensure continuous power supply in the plant; at the same time, the use of energy storage to enhance the project self-generation and self-consumption rate, to reduce the cost of electricity in the plant.