New Energy Vehicle Harness Wire Industry Background

Since the new energy vehicle market is an emerging market, neither large international manufacturers nor local manufacturers have many existing products to promote, so the strength of suppliers' R&D capabilities will determine their market share in the new energy vehicle market. In the rapid development of energy vehicles, harness wire is one of its most important auto parts, mainly including body wiring harness, BMS wiring harness, and energy storage wiring harness. Technology plays a pivotal role. Among them, the BMS harness is the most important and plays the role of the nerve center. 

In the BMS wiring harness, there are many sensors in addition to the wire. The vehicle battery is a new thing, which cannot be done by traditional car factories (the supply chain system of traditional car factories is difficult to change), but the requirements for the wiring harness are high. Undertake large current, dustproof, waterproof and anti-interference, etc.