With the help of quick insertion, the energy storage connector is connected with high power

Connectors are essential in energy storage systems. A suitable connector can speed up the installation and energy transfer of cell-based energy storage systems. The energy storage connector has become a key component for current or signal connection. Although the energy storage connector product is small in size, its function is not simple at all. From a technical point of view, there are two types of energy storage connectors, one is a power energy storage connector responsible for transmitting high current and high voltage, and the other is a signal energy storage connector responsible for small current and low voltage.

At present, there are two technical schools of energy storage connectors, one is the quick-plug method, and the other is the copper bar connection. Judging from the products of several internationally renowned connector manufacturers, the quick-plug technology is basically recommended. The copper bar connection is a kind of soft connection. The lap interface of the copper bar soft connection is formed by one-time welding by molecular diffusion welding technology. It has strong conductivity and a relatively large capacity to withstand current. However, the installation and maintenance cost brought by the copper bar connection method is also much higher than that of the quick plug.

Quick-plug technology shows more advantages. The first is the anti-electric shock function, which is clearly stipulated in the latest UL4128 standard for static energy storage systems. The second is the quick-plug positive and negative anti-misplug also increases the safety of the connected equipment, and the safety factor is much higher than that of the copper bar connection in structure. And the quick-plug technology generally gives the connector a sufficient rotation angle, which is convenient for quick installation and further saves wiring space, and is also conducive to multi-directional cable outlet.

To further increase security during installation, a visual locking control mechanism and finger protection contacts can be added and in order to ensure the accuracy of the connection process, an effective mechanical coding system is also added to the connector. The time and cost saved by quick-mating is well worth it.

The rapid development of new energy vehicles has promoted the continuous expansion of the energy storage connector market. In addition to high-power connections, the quick-plug technology has obvious advantages in connection security and reliability, but the cost is relatively high. More importantly, how to ensure consistency in the dense connection of energy storage systems is an unavoidable difficulty in the development of energy storage connectors.