What Are the Types of Electric Vehicle Charging Systems?

1. Home charging method of charging system of electric vehicle

The power is directly drawn from the low-voltage lighting circuit, and the charging power is small, and it is powered by the standard grid power supply of 220V/16A specification. The typical charging time is 8-10h. This charging method has no special requirements on the power grid, and can be used as long as it can meet the power supply quality required by lighting.

2. Small charging station for charging system of electric vehicle

Small charging stations are one of the most important charging methods for electric vehicles, and charging piles are located on streets, supermarkets, office buildings, parking lots, etc. The electric car driver only needs to park the car at the designated position of the charging station, connect the wire to start charging, the charging method is generally swiping the card, the charging power is generally 5-10kW, and the typical charging time is: replenishment 1~2h, full 5~8h.

3. Fast charging of charging system of electric vehicle

The DC electric vehicle charging station, commonly known as "fast charge", is a power supply device that is fixedly installed outside the electric vehicle and connected to the AC power grid to provide DC power for the off-board electric vehicle power battery. The input voltage of the DC charging pile adopts three-phase four-wire AC380V±15%, the frequency is 50Hz, and the output is adjustable direct current, which directly charges the power battery of the electric vehicle.

Since the DC charging pile adopts a three-phase four-wire system for power supply, it can provide sufficient power, and the output voltage and current adjustment range is large, which can meet the requirements of fast charging.

4. Wireless charging method of charging system of electric vehicle

The principle of foreign research results in recent years is like a mobile phone used in a car - converting electrical energy into a special laser or microwave beam that meets the requirements of current technical standards, and installing a special antenna on the roof of the car to receive it.

With wireless charging technology, electric vehicles or dual-energy vehicles on the road can be quickly recharged through transmitters mounted on utility poles or other high-rise buildings. The electricity bill will be deducted from the prepaid card installed in the car.

5. Mobile charging method of charging system of electric vehicle

DC portable mobile charger is composed of intelligent and efficient module, main control unit, human-computer interface, charging interface, metering and billing unit, communication interface and other parts. It is a small portable and multi-functional DC charger; friendly human-computer interface is convenient The user's operation and use, the modular design facilitates the expansion and maintenance of the equipment; supports the fully automatic charging mode.

The portable mobile DC charger has strong shock resistance and complete protection functions, and is suitable for harsh outdoor mobile environments and emergency needs; it is convenient for customers to quickly respond to and test the places for supplementary power, and at the same time effectively compensate for the compatibility problems with various charging pile software. Unable to charge problem.