Precautions for Electric Bike Charging

1. electric bike charging time

Depending on the battery capacity, the battery is generally fully charged within 8 to 10 hours.

2. electric bike charging anti-short circuit

If the power supply is not turned off for a long time after being fully charged, the electronic components in the electric bike charger are likely to overheat, which may easily lead to a short circuit and cause a fire.

3. electric bike charging and frequent nursing

Fires that occur at night and in the early morning are the most likely to cause casualties. It is best to charge during the day, so that someone can take care of it. Once you find that the indicator light on the charger turns green, you should unplug it as soon as possible.

4. Electric bicycles are not allowed to stop while charging

E-bikes parked in the corridors are likely to cause fire blockages. Once a fire occurs, it is very unfavorable to evacuate the crowd.

5. electric bike charging is forbidden to connect randomly

When charging wires indiscriminately or charging overnight, if the wires are aged or there is a problem with the battery of the vehicle itself, it is easy to cause a fire. The combination of the two is more dangerous.

6. Electric bike charging should be ventilated

The electric bike charging environment needs ventilation, and the optimal ambient temperature is 25 degrees Celsius. Therefore, when charging, it is best to place the battery and charger in a well-ventilated and temperature-regulated environment. Avoid exposure to sunlight and rain when the vehicle is stored.

7. Electric bicycles are charged away from flammable substances

Keep away from flammable and explosive materials. When the electric bicycle is charging, it is necessary to carefully check whether there are flammable and explosive items stacked nearby to prevent the electric bicycle from igniting nearby items when it catches fire and causing a bigger fire.

8. Electric bike charging should not be modified

Do not blindly modify electric bicycles. The normal life of an electric bicycle is 3 to 4 years. If it is used over time, the electrical circuit and battery will be aged, short-circuited, etc. If you add audio, lighting, or add batteries and other equipment, it is easy to cause the line to be overloaded and cause a fire.

9. Frequent inspection of electric bike charging

Strengthen daily self-examination and self-examination. In daily life, the inspection of electric bicycle wires and circuits should be strengthened to prevent electric shock, ignition and heat generation caused by poor contact, and to avoid short circuits and series electric accidents caused by aging and wear of the lines.

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