Mobile energy storage to manage heavy overloads

In order to solve the problem of heavy overload in the distribution network and low voltage at the end of the agricultural network, more than ten mobile energy storage systems invested by Yunnan Power Grid Energy Investment Co Ltd and developed and produced by Watt Power have been put into use in the Kunming area, with remarkable results in each station area, and have been well received by the power supply bureau and local residents.

The fishing village in Guandu District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, is a typical representative of a heavy overload in the station area, which has been effectively improved by the access to Watt Power's mobile energy storage system.


The traditional way of dealing with heavy overloads is to expand the transformer's capacity or add a new substation. However, the investment costs are high and the investment cycle is long, needing around 1-2 years. Watt Power's mobile energy storage system is small in size, covering an area of less than 2 square meters. It has low infrastructure requirements, is simple to install and construct on-site, and can be put into operation within a month.

After being connected to the No. 10 Yucun substation, the maximum output power of the energy storage system is 100kW and the capacity of the storage system is 150kWh. Watt Power's energy storage system adopts intelligent operation and maintenance to achieve maintenance-free and unattended operation. The information on the operation status of the energy storage system is transmitted to the remote monitoring center in real-time, which enables remote monitoring of real-time energy storage equipment status data.