How to choose a new energy electric vehicle home charger

The general power of household new energy vehicle chargers is between 1.25w-7kw and the current is between 8-32A; the charging guns sold with the car are generally portable 8A-13A, which are more convenient to use. , especially the 8A can be used directly with the triangular socket at home. The conventional triangular socket in the family is generally 10A. The biggest advantage of this is that it is easy to use, and the biggest disadvantage is that the charging is too slow. Taking 400km as an example, it takes about 40 hours; this is suitable for very small use with a small battery capacity, such as the Benben mini.

In addition, some vehicles are equipped with 10A-13A portable charging guns, which can also be used directly at home in most cases, even 13A ones can be used directly through adapters. The charging speed is also relatively slow. The 10A charge is about 2 degrees per hour, and the 13A charge is about 2.5 degrees per hour. Therefore, most new energy car owners need to equip their own home charging guns after purchasing a car. In addition to the distribution of home charging piles for some brands, such as Tesla, etc., and the distribution of home charging guns plus one free installation is also an additional fee ranging from several thousand yuan, so many car owners still choose to self-provision Home charging pile.

Then the most household options are 16A, 24A, 32A three kinds of charging guns, 16A charging gun power 3.5KW, general household water heaters, air conditioners and other triangular sockets can meet the charging requirements, need 2.5 square three-core copper core wire ready to use. It is also relatively convenient to use at home, without separate wiring. If the length of the wire is not enough, it can also be used with a high-power socket. 16A can be charged about 25 kilometers per hour, about 3.5 kWh, and 400 kilometers can be fully charged in about 10 hours, so it basically meets the needs of most household charging, and can be fully charged in one night.

Therefore, based on the power, charging time and installation requirements of the above-mentioned household new energy electric vehicle charging guns, it is basically to meet the different household wiring requirements of most of the households to complete the selection and installation. If families can use household electric vehicle charging guns It will greatly increase consumers' consumption and purchase of electric vehicles, and at the same time greatly reduce the pressure on social new energy charging infrastructure, reduce the operating pressure of fast charging stations, and greatly promote the development of the new energy industry.