Green power + energy storage = the ultimate dream

In the first half of the year, 2.248 million new energy vehicles were sold, more than doubling the number. 6 million vehicles are expected this year, with a penetration rate of over 27%, compared to 13.6% last year. In the context of the global double carbon and energy transition, new energy-related industry industries are the most promising and explosive areas of the future economy. The global new energy industry development mainly contains three main track areas: from electrification to intelligence, from coal power to green power + energy storage, and from lithium batteries to hydrogen energy batteries.

First, new energy-related consumer applications include new energy vehicles, new energy batteries, smart driving, etc. New energy vehicle applications are booming and rapidly penetrating, and the future is coming from electrification to intelligence and the era of software-defined vehicles.

The second is the new energy-related clean power energy construction field, including power supply engineering, and grid system construction, the future will be from coal power to "green power + energy storage". Now the new energy vehicle is not the ultimate solution, even with the concept of pseudo-new energy, mainly coal-based, the future "green power + energy storage" model is the real new energy, the ultimate dream, mainly including renewable power generation and comprehensive use of electricity, such as wind power, photovoltaic and other upstream clean energy alternatives, such as new energy-friendly grid-connected New generation power grid, new energy storage, etc. Carrying out new energy-based power supply projects can balance the energy structure, increase the proportion of non-fossil energy in primary energy consumption, and help further enhance national energy security.

Third, in the new energy-related battery technology field, from lithium batteries to hydrogen energy batteries, the future development of high resource self-sufficiency, cost control, and the commercialization of the market process can be landed on the diversified battery technology route is the inevitable choice of the times.

"Green power + energy storage" opens the second major road of new energy. Energy storage, simply put, is a medium or device that stores energy and then releases it when needed. Energy storage is a new generation of grid reliability construction of key equipment, through and power side, grid side, user-side system depth of synergy, can act as a power generation side and electricity side of the "buffer" between the "buffer path", by reducing power abandonment, peak shaving, grid frequency regulation, smooth output, etc. "It can play a key role. It can cope with the randomness, volatility, and fragmentation of new energy generation, solve the problem of new energy power consumption and ensure safe and stable grid operation through peak and frequency regulation. Household, industrial and commercial use, and other multi-scene energy storage deepen development, effectively alleviating the problems of high global energy prices and high overseas electricity price increases. The integration and development of energy storage systems and various aspects of the power system is a key part of achieving the construction of a new power system.