Automotive electronics and third generation semiconductor industry research Connectors

(1) high-voltage connectors: electric vehicle penetration rate and high-voltage upgrade, industry volume and price rise. 2021 New energy vehicles have entered a period of rapid penetration. Along with the rapid market penetration of electric vehicles, the amount of high-voltage connectors will have a significant increase.

(2) High-speed connectors: the trend of intelligence, multi-sensor, domain centralized trend to drive long-term growth. The trend of increasing the number of sensors and the trend of domain-centric vehicle architecture brought about by the enhancement of vehicle intelligence will increase the usage of FAKRA and MINI FAKRA connectors and Ethernet connectors per vehicle.

(3) Upstream industry chain: Upstream copper alloy and plastic materials are the core. In terms of upstream materials, high-end copper alloys and plastic materials are the core. Powerway Alloy has taken the lead in replacing imported copper alloys and launched EValloy bar products, which have been widely used in the charging gun terminals, high-voltage wire harness connectors and automotive relay terminals of new energy vehicles.